To bring the best of West Africa to the Bay Area through food, drink, laughter, community, music, and culture.


Chiefo's Kitchen was founded on the basic agenda of cultural exchange. Not only do we bring the best of West Africa to the Bay Area, but we also give back to the regions in Africa where some of our ingredients are grown. We practice fair trade and support cooperatives in the villages where our products are grown, with an emphasis on woman-based small businesses.

We support local Bay Area farmers and producers, use seasonal ingredients when possible, and are environmentally conscious. Chiefo's Kitchen is a woman-owned and operated business. When it comes to professionalism and service, our standards are exceedingly high with an emphasis on freshness, creative presentation, and attentive customized service. We believe that using high- end ingredients is crucial, so our customers can taste the bold and lively flavors associated with Africa.